North georgia diabetes and endocrinology, University of Debrecen

Hospital overview Health and excellent quality without compromise Everything we do serves the health and recovery of our patients.

Introducing Dr Donatella Casiglia - Diabetes and Endocrinology

We will be by your side north georgia diabetes and endocrinology the very beginning, whether for fetal diagnostics, paediatrics, adult care or various surgical procedures. We provide tailored, high quality services in almost all fields of medicine with the help of our modern equipment and colleagues, many of whom are recognized authorities in their field.

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This is what we believe in and what makes us unique. Our mission We deliver ambulatory and inpatient services, and patient centered healthcare service, in a safe and compassionate environment. Our dedicated and competent staff ensures that we provide the highest possible standard of care for patients and their families.

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We are committed to the improvement and development of services in line with the ever changing healthcare environment. Quality and patient safety Quality and patient safety are the cornerstones of the culture of Duna Medical Center. Our Quality Department works closely with all of our staff to ensure that the best possible care is provided in an environment of optimal patient safety.

  • I hope you will enjoy your stay in our country, in our town and at our University.
  • Societal percentile Evolution of the institution The following data gives a quick reading on the scientific performance in the last years.
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We accomplish this in several ways: Our leadership team assures that any new clinical processes we implement are designed well. We continually monitor and assess what we are doing and how well we do it.

Hospital overview

Our risk reduction program proactively identifies any system issues that could lead to an adverse event so that we can put processes in place to prevent it from taking place. Our staff receive ongoing education on the importance of their contributions to quality and patient safety and their role as part of the healthcare team.

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This dedication to continuous quality improvement means we are not satisfied with just being adequate. We are continually examining our patient care processes and making sustainable improvements.

north georgia diabetes and endocrinology

Additionally we benchmark our quality with international hospitals so that we can see not only how well we compare with them, but to learn best practices from them as well. It is a huge responsibility when people trust us with their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

north georgia diabetes and endocrinology

Duna Medical Center has an obligation to provide the safest care, treatment and services possible. Modern diagnostics Our departments are equipped with high-end technology, enabling accurate diagnostics and excellent care. Precision, minimally invasive surgery The operating theaters in our Surgery Center were tailored to meet the needs of our surgeons.

north georgia diabetes and endocrinology

The surgical block is equipped with an Arthrex Synergy HD3 minimally invasive arthroscopy tower, which plays a significant role in diagnosis, hasmenés kezelésére közben cukorbetegség and mosaic arthroplasty. Our 3D Endo-eye gastrointestinal video scope is considered to be one of the most up-to-date innovative devices in endoscopic surgery.

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The minimally invasive FESS technique is associated with faster recovery and improved patient comfort in nasal and sinus north georgia diabetes and endocrinology. Complete service within one institution Our aim was to establish a private health care facility where the high standard of care is delivered in a modern and comfortable environment.

north georgia diabetes and endocrinology

Our institution is going to be the first comprehensive private health care facility of this standard in Hungary.